Elephant & Culture Show + Jumbo Ride

Nirwana Resort Centre, Nirwana Gardens

Located at a new home at Nirwana Resort Centre, Nirwana Gardens, Jumbo Park presents a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. Home of seven Sumatran elephants, the 40-minute elephant show allows you to observe their varied diets and eating habits. The guide will share nuggets of information about their individual characteristics, food source, living habits and group behaviour. Sumatran elephants are social creatures, and the animals at the park have been trained to perform all kinds of delightful antics. See them make perfect turns on raised forelegs astride a tiny drum stand; lift and swing their trainers carefully with their trunks while making 360° turns or jiving to disco music. After the show, visitors can enjoy elephant rides into the surrounding forest, or hand feed the friendly creatures.

Did you know? “Sumatran elephants are herbivores (plant eaters), and can consume up to 200kg of food per day. They eat bananas, ginger, bamboo and leaves.”
Jumbo ride

Explore the surrounding forests and beaches from your lofty perch atop a Sumatran elephant. Although the species is among the smallest of the Asian elephants, they can still measure 1.7 to 1.6m at the shoulder! See Bintan Resorts from a different perspective on your next visit.  

Elephant & Culture Show + Jumbo Ride Mon & Thu: 10:00
Fri – Sun: 10:00 & 15:00
Elephant Ride, Trail & Safari Tue & Wed: 09:00 & 15:00
Elephant Ride & Safari Thu: 15:00


  Adult Kid
Elephant & Culture Show  IDR 240,000 (apprx S$24) IDR 175,000 (apprx S$17.50)
Elephant Show + Ride IDR 285,000 (apprx S$28.50) IDR 210,000 (apprx S$21)
Elephant Ride IDR 145,000 (apprx S$14.50) IDR 120,000 (apprx S$12)
Elephant Trail IDR 240,000 (apprx S$24) IDR 145,000 (apprx S$14.50)

Special elephant safari, Rp760,000 (apprx S$76)/pax for 12 years and above with min. 2 pax (advance booking only)