Lagoi Turtle Hatchery

Nirwana  Gardens


Did you know?
“According to World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), hawksbill turtles are a critically endangered species, with only about 8,000 nesting females in the world today.”


The Lagoi Turtle Hatchery is part of Bintan Resorts’ conservation efforts to preserve the eco system.

Every year, hawksbill and green turtles visit and nest on the beaches of Bintan Resorts. To provide shelter and protection for the turtle eggs, the first hatchery was built in Nirwana Gardens in 2005. Today, Lagoi Turtle Hatchery continues to offer proper shade and protection for the turtle eggs, and also acts as an incubation area until the hatchlings are ready to be released into the sea.

The peak hatching and release periods are from mid-May to end-June, and from the start of August to the end of September each year. These releases by the conservation team typically attract many guests from other resorts.

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