A Shopper’s Delight

Local dried foodstuff and fruit, handmade Javanese batik cloth and sarongs, jewelled stones, handcrafted toys and souvenirs, Indonesian artefacts, electronic goods, ceramics and souvenirs … shopping in Bintan island is a joy with the sheer variety of items on offer. The indulgence – some call it temptation! – begins on arrival at Bintan Resorts. The shops at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal are packed with local produce and handicraft, fashion apparel and souvenirs, all attractively displayed. Nearby, locals throng the shops and market at Pujasera for their favourable prices and quality service. Beautifully-crafted ornaments and display pieces, beach and swimwear, fashion apparel and accessories, and a host of other items are also available at the resort shops. You can go resort-shop hopping, or explore Plaza Lagoi which offers many shops for your 'retail therapy' fix. For a touch of authentic village living and shopping, arrange a day trip out to capital city Tanjung Pinang where you’ll undoubtedly find the best bargains and delectable homemade tidbits.

Plaza Lagoi

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Newly opened on 31 May, 2015, the Plaza Lagoi mall is situated in the fully master planned new resorts areas called Lagoi Bay.

Plaza Lagoi is built in a modern contemporary design with generous Indonesian touches. The mall is set to elevate the retail experience in Bintan Resorts with some 60 shop units on two floors, spread over almost 1,000sq meters of retail space. There is a whole array of Indonesian gifts, cultural artefacts, fashion, food outlets and convenience stores selling a wide range of necessities and local delicacies. With a variety of spas and an Indonesia’s leading retail operator, Pasaraya, as Plaza Lagoi’s anchor tenant, one can expect to have their ‘retail therapy’ fix here!

Other amenities here also include a tourism information and tour booking centre, a baggage drop-off facility for those departing for Singapore on Bintan Resort Ferries as well as shower and changing facilities for those heading for the pristine beaches fronting the mall.

One can also enjoy the 3.5km-long beachfront with white sand and azure waters fringed by a freshwater lake and tropical rainforest, or simply chill at the new Warung Yeah! that serves delectable local dishes at affordable prizes. All these are within walking distance from the mall.

Free shuttle bus services (daily) are available to and from the resorts and Bandar Bentan Telani ferry terminal to Plaza Lagoi. Taxis are also available at the resorts and BBT ferry terminal.

Mall Tenants

Block A

Shop Unit Contact Open/ Coming Soon
Bintan Gallery A#01-12   Open
Bintan Ladies Spa A#01-06/07 +62 852 6510 3338 (Rina)/+62 813 6471 2723 (Lasmina) Open
BRC Tours A#01-08/09

+62 770 692 917/18

Bintan Resort Ferries (BRF) Counter A#01-08/09   Open
Bintan Resorts Souvenirs A#01-10   Open 
Dapuraya A#02-10/11


Coming Soon
 Helo Helo Cafe A#01-01/02

+62 770 692 201/+62 856 656 2545

Mollinda Spa A#01-17/18 +62 852 7229 1953
Oleh-oleh Minimart & Money Changer A#01-19 +62 812 7066 202
Pasaraya A#01-15/16   Open 

A#01-11 Open
 YEAH!  A#01-13 +62 813 6536 1236 Open

Block B

Shop Unit Contact Open/ Coming Soon
Bintan Batik B#01-18   Open
Idola Cafe B#01-19

+62 852 7111 6087

Loliloso Café B#01-07   Open
NiBBana Health Massage & Spa B#01-02/03  +62 882 8438 4310
Ni Ayu Gallery B#01-09   Open
Polo Ralph Lauren B#01-04/05   Open
Style Warehouse B#01-01 +62 812 7063 6686 Open
Sweet House B#01-06 Open
Toys & Accessories B#01-11   Open


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Tanjung Pinang

TanjungPinang TanjungPinang1

Enjoy a scenic drive through the countryside of Bintan Island and catch a glimpse of the local village folk as you make your way down to the vibrant bustle of Tanjung Pinang – the capital of Bintan Island. Mingle with the locals and take time to explore the vast number of tiny local shops, with assortments of clothes, knick-knacks, gems, dried seafood and the colourful varieties of crackers and snacks.

Shopping at Tanjung Pinang is pleasantly affordable, with its colourful variety of goods and value-for-money bargains. Shophouses offer a diverse range of dried foodstuff, electronic goods, antique and “antique” ceramics and handicrafts, but the best buys are probably from the street peddlers.

With their display of jewelled stones, handcrafted toys, local artefacts, handmade Javanese batik cloths and sarongs (light cotton wraps) dyed in vibrant hues, the roadside traders are ever willing to explain their wares should you want to know more.

Roadside stalls with fresh produce are another common sight at Tanjung Pinang. Featuring an amazing variety of fish, giant prawns, dried shrimps, crunchy crackers, savoury ikan bilis (anchovies), and all kinds of sweet, sour or salty tidbits, fresh green vegetables, and local tropical fruits all stacked high on wooden carts, the rock-bottom prices are still open to negotiation.

Do note that most peddlers deal in the local Indonesian Rupiah, so it’s best to have the currency in hand before you head down south.