Join us on a journey of learning and discovery!

Set against the natural backdrop of deserted beaches, natural rainforests, and traditional kampongs and fishing villages, Bintan Resorts offers a safe and dynamic out-of-classroom learning experience for students to learn about various environmental and social issues.

Field trips to Bintan Resorts can include participation in community projects which encourage interaction between overseas and local students by engaging them in activities such as library building, English language teaching and facilities improvement.

Students can also go on a Township Trail showcasing the essential services and facilities required for operation of a resort destination. These include learning the components to township development, water treatment, power generation and safety and security.

There is also the Mangrove Discovery Tour, an initiation into the wonders of the mangrove forest, its importance to the local communities and impact on the eco-system. Students will go on an exploration where they learn to identify different species of mangrove, its roots formation and the eco systems that are thriving in the mangrove forests.

On the Kampong Eco Tour, students will catch a glimpse of the local villagers daily life and their cottage industries, and witness traditional trades such as fishing, rubber tapping, black smith and pandan leaf weaving.

Other fun activities at Bintan Resorts include Jetski Safari, Adventure Learning Programme, and other robust outdoor pursuits.


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List of educational activities and tours:

Safari Lagoi

Safari Lagoi (2) IMG_0041 Safari Lagoi Komodo (2)

Safari Lagoi is home to an array of rescued and endangered animals including orangutan, sun bear, elephant, a 6 metre crocodile and more! There is also an aviary filled with vibrant and beautiful birds.

The animals and birds residing in Safari Lagoi are mainly rescued from illegal pet trade and exotic meat markets, confiscated from ‘owners’ by the relevant Indonesian Government Authorities or are sick/injured animals being nursed back to health. Most of these animals are judged to be incapable to be released back into the wild for a variety of reasons, hence the need for them to be cared for at this center.

Safari Lagoi aims to inform and educate the public on the need to protect and conserve the immense biodiversity and natural heritage of Indonesia. The Indonesia Ministry of Nature Conservation and Forestry provides professional advice and support for this center.

The area also encompasses an eco-farm, a 17 hectares haven of greenery where fruits are planted and fish are reared organically. The eco farm tour will give visitors, especially urban dwellers, the opportunity to embark on a 1.5 – 2 hour journey of discovery on Nature’s eco-cycle and the mechanics around the eco farm. 

Visitors can witness local produce in their most natural states. Children can relate better on what they learnt in school with the methods of sustainable farming used at the eco farm, be exposed to different types of vegetables and fruits, have hands-on planting or harvesting of seasonal crops, and learn how to make a new dish such as ‘rojak’ made from ingredients harvested off the farm!


EcoFarm BINTAN (573) EcoFarm BINTAN (572) EcoFarm BINTAN (569)

EcoFarm BINTAN (579) EcoFarm IMG_1807 EcoFarm IMG_8888

Bintan Eco Vacation Programme (By CreativeKids Singapore)


2. Bintan Ecovacation EDM 020316_updated

Bintan Resorts International is proud to collaborate with CreativeKids (Singapore) for the ‘Bintan Eco-Vacation’ programme!

This programme is specially designed for those looking for a vacation at Bintan Resorts yet keen to take home new educational knowledge. CreativeKids has a knack for making learning fun, and keep you wanting more! Great for families and friends. (For schools, the programme can be tailored made according to your needs)

Choosing from a 3D2N or 2D1N experience, the experienced trainers at CreativeKids will bring you through a myriad of activities that would make you appreciate nature and Bintan itself. You get to enjoy savoury local food and even give back to the environment by re-planting mangrove seedlings too!

See here for more information about the programme. 

CreativeKids Singapore
Tel: +65 63853376

Eco Village

IMG_0156 IMG_0157

The Eco Village is located at Senggiling, which is approximately 45 minutes away from Bintan Resorts. On the way here, one can enjoy views of lush greenery as you would be traveling out of Bintan Resorts, and passing through the local towns.

The Eco Village is around 1,000 hectares and comprises of clove, coconut, papaya, corn and watermelon plantations to name a few.

Be it a day-trip or stayover here, the Eco Village has many things in store for you! There’s a man-made lake in the vicinity where fishing can be done, you can go camping to get the full outdoor experience and visit the different plantations. You might even meet some friendly cows along the way too!

The Eco Village’s signature is the Clove plantation, which recently had a scientific breakthrough. To overcome Bintan’s high levels of bauxite in the soil, which is unsuitable for Clove trees, the plantation had come up with a special grafting method. They sought a local tree accustomed to growing in bauxite and grafted it with the shoot of the Clove plant. They have since grown their own Clove trees successfully.

With a myriad of activities and educational learning opportunities here, one can expect a wholesome learning journey.


Community Involvement Programmes

Visits to local schools and orphanages offer students with the opportunities to interact with the local children through various activities, such as sharing of experiences, dancing and playing simple games. Type of community work is dependent on what the schools wish to do for the local community and may include painting, construction of library, canteen and drains etc.

Kampung Eco Tour

Explore the traditional Indonesian kampungs (local villages) of Sri Bintan and get a glimpse into the daily lifestyle of the villagers. During this 3-hour guided tour you will get to experience many interesting village activities. Watch the local women folk as they weave pandan leaves into usable products such as handbags and hats. Discover how the local blacksmith makes agricultural tools from scrap metal! Visit a rubber plantation to learn how rubber is made from the latex of trees and try your hand at rubber tapping! The tour finishes off with an optional traditional village lunch, accompanied by a traditional Indonesian dance performance.

Turtle Conservation

Out of only seven living species left in our oceans, the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle can be found around Bintan Island as they come up to lay their eggs on the beaches twice a year. Since 2005 when we first started our initiative of saving sea turtles, we have released a few batches of turtle hatchlings each year. The main nesting seasons in Bintan are from April to July. To protect the eggs from scavengers and local villagers, some of whom poach the eggs to sell or eat, our conservation team collects the eggs and buries them in a covered hatchery located at various resorts. When the turtle eggs hatch after about 60 days, the team will release the hatchlings into the sea.

The releasing of turtle hatchlings is always an exciting and meaning experience for those lucky enough to be there during the time. Not only do they get to learn more about these beautiful sea creatures from the conservation team, but it is also a most amazing sight to see hundreds of tiny turtles racing and scrambling their way across the sand to the waterline on tiny flippers!

Jumbo Elephant Park

The Jumbo Elephant Park presents a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. Home to seven Sumatran elephants, the 40-minute elephant show allows you to observe their varied diet and eating habits and your children will be educated with snippets of information about their characteristics, food source, living habits and group behaviour. Visitors can enjoy elephant rides into the forest surroundings or try hand-feeding the friendly elephants.

Mangrove Replanting

The Forestry Agency of Bintan Island has estimated that a total of 250 hectares of land in northern Bintan need to be planted by mangroves. With this replanting programme, it is hoped that environmental awareness will be instilled in the local population and encourage them to take good care of their surroundings.

Mangrove Discovery Tour

This two-hour eco adventure will take you on a back-to-nature encounter with the wonders of Bintan Resorts’ mangrove forests. These forests protect the coast from erosion whilst trapping sediments in water flowing off the land, helping to create clear, blue coastal waters. Journeying through the Sebung River, home to rich mangrove forests and waterways, observe a myriad of colourful flowers and fruits that stand out against a backdrop of mangrove trees.


The mangrove river also plays host to a variety of exotic wildlife, including shy creatures such as Macaque and Silver Leaf monkeys, monitor lizards and snakes. Birds, such as the Kingfisher and the Purple Heron, can be heard calling and seen fishing along the riverbanks. Beneath the water is a nursery ground for coral fishes and other sea life, including mudskippers, crabs, prawns, mud lobsters, snails, clams and a variety of small fishes.

Indigenous folks

As the river meanders further south, catch a glimpse of the orang laut (sea gypsies) and kelongs (fishing houses built on stilts over water). Also look out for the traditional charcoal kiln and static fishing traps (bubus) along the way. Traditional life still exists in Bintan’s mangrove forests. Homes, boats, fishing traps and daily meals all come from the mangroves.

Mangrove Night Tour

The Mangrove Discovery Night Tour is as enchanting as it is magical. With only one nightly tour departing at around 7.30pm, it is definitely an eco experience one should not miss while in Bintan. The boat ride takes you through the same Sebung River as the day tour, although you do not fully go into the tributaries. Cruising down the river into the cool night is a refreshing experience as you feel the calm and serenity of the mangrove forests. The highlight of the tour is of course the fireflies, a truly captivating experience which brings you closer to nature. On the boat journey back to the jetty, look up and count the many stars in the sky … it is a rare sight to behold for many urban visitors.