Best Photography Spots in Bintan

1. Street art at Tanjung Pinang

The street art at Tanjung Pinang is a great spot to pose or well, interact with!  

                TJ Pinang smoking IMG_0013

2. Luohan Temple

The Luohan Temple consists of more than 500 statues of arhats. Each statue is unique life-liked and has its own distinct facial expressions and features. See if you can spot Guan Gong or Tripitaka

Luohan temple4 Luohan temple1 Luohan temple3

3. Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach is a picturesque place with white sand and water in a million shades of blue. It’s a great place to admire the scenery and feel the gentle sea breeze against your face.

                               Trikora1 Trikora2


4. Boat making, Trikora Beach

When you travel, it’s always good to see the locals’ culture and way of life. At Trikora Beach, you can see them in action as they build boats (sampans) for fishing.

                            Boat making2 Boat making1 

5. Water Villages (kelong), Trikora

Most of us who have been living in the concrete jungle would definitely find such water villages or kelongs and the villagers’ way of life an irresistible draw!

               Kelong IMG_52371-001 



6. Calypso Bar, Nirwana Gardens

Calypso Bar is quite a magical spot. It has one of the best views to watch the sunset and even better to catch the milkyway at night!

              NG NG Milky way @ryansleabore

7. Sultan of Riau’s Grand Mosque, Penyengat Island

The bright yellow and green mosque is the most eye-catching building on the island. It is claimed to be built using egg whites as mortar to cement the building together. It is said that the architecture style is a combination of Arab, Indian and Malay styles. The mosque also houses a rare 150 year old hand-written Koran in its library.

                           Mosque3 Mosque4


8. Sky Lantern, Bintan Lagoon Resort

Did you know that Bintan Lagoon Resort has releasing of sky lanterns event every Friday to Sunday (weather permitting)? What a sight to behold indeed!

Sky Lantern[1] copy