Bintan Resorts Green Initiative – Mass Mangrove Replanting

4. Mangrove Replanting

Be part of Bintan Resorts’ Green Initiative and participate in June’s Mass Mangrove Replanting at Sungai Sebong. Join us in replanting 10,000 seedlings on 23 June and 30 June 2018.

There are about 70 mangrove species in the world today, some of which are critically endangered. With the continuing threat from the rise in sea levels and coastal developments, mangroves may vanish totally in 100 years. Bintan is home to four different mangrove species, and here’s why mangroves are so important to our environment:

  • Mangroves play a crucial role in preventing soil erosion
  • They are home to a large ecosystem made up of fish, shellfish, birds, snakes and many other land and sea creatures
  • They maintain water quality by trapping pollutants from land

Package Details:

  • Bintan Mangrove Discovery Tour
  • 10 seedlings for replanting
  • Seafood lunch
  • Land transfers
  • Bottled water
  • Insurance
  • Goodie bag

Adult – S$85
Child – S$75

For booking or enquiries please contact BRC Tours.


Tel: +62 (770) 692 917 / +62 (770) 692 918 Ext 108