Treasure Bay Bintan – A Gem of Possibilities

1. Crystal Lagoon


Treasure Bay is a 338-hectare waterfront resort city located on the Indonesian island of Bintan. The destination resort integrates wellness leisure, residential and commercial real estate supported by infrastructure to international standards.

Living up to its moniker – “A Gem of Possibilities”, Treasure Bay Bintan will offer many first-in-Asia, iconic tourism products, integrating leisure, entertainment, nightlife and health & wellness experiences, retail and hotels.

Phase One

Opening in Q2 of 2015, Phase one spans across 90 hectares. Phase one covers  Southern Precinct or Chill Cove and Northern Precinct. Southern Precinct is designated as the ‘Happening’ spot to celebrate the beach lifestyle with diverse products and experiences, surrounding a 6.3-hectare Crystal Lagoon, South-East Asia’s first and largest recreational sea-water body. The Northern Precinct will host integrated wellness and aesthetic facilities, featuring a 21-hectare wellness resort with services in holistic health management and nutrition facilities. The higher terrain of this precinct looks down onto the bay and is a natural site for high-end resorts and residences.

Crystal Lagoon

The 6.3 hectares Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan is South-East Asia’s first and largest recreational sea-water body that has undergone a process to make the sea-water “crystal clear”. Besides being a visual feast, it is an interactive pool of water sports, attractions and entertainment.  Even during the monsoon season, the lagoon is safe and perfectly swimmer-friendly and offers an alternative for those who fear the rough sea or strong currents, rocks, jellyfish, or dark sand beaches.

The lagoon will offer a wide range of recreational and interactive water activities suitable for the whole family such as swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing. Wrapped by white sandy beaches,   your holiday does not end when the sun sets. Treasure Bay offers experiences that can’t be found  anywhere in the region in Chill Cove –  a  vibrant, exciting social hub that offers activities aimed at providing a host of dining and eateries serving local and international cuisine, bars to enjoy a pulsating night of music and dance, spas to rejuvenate and retail.

Fast Facts and figures about Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan

  • 6.3 hectares , largest lagoon in South-East Asia with  115,060m3 or 115,060,000 liters
  • 1st in South East Asia
  • Patented and available in 160 countries
  • Eco-friendly technology, uses approximately 100 times less chemical products than conventional swimming pools
  • Energy efficient, consumes only 2% of the energy needed by conventional filtration pools
  • Crystal Lagoon’s innovative technology is sustainable and safe for the environment, allowing limited resources such as energy and water to be used efficiently. The lagoon operates in a closed circuit that only needs to compensate for water loss caused by evaporation

Chill Cove

This vibrant and exciting social hub will be divided into over 500 lots with a mix of shops and offices to cater to different markets. Also planned: a convention centre, hospital, amphitheatre and a university.  This cache will be further enhanced by a world-class retail presence which will comprise shopping, commercial centres, arcades and numerous food & beverage outlets.

Beach-themed Recreational Activities:

–       Cable Ski

–       Indoor Electric Go-Kart

–       Bungee Jumping

–       Stand-up Paddle, Kayak, Waterboats

–       Sports Waterpark

–       Bohol Wakefest

–       Shotover Canyon Swing

–       Water ZOVB


Phase Two: Resorts, Water Billa, Marina, Private residences, Private Mangrove Park

Phase Three: Town Centre, Hospital, Education campus, Retail, Residences & Executive Housing

Fast Facts and figures about Treasure Bay Bintan

  • 338-hectare total development project
  • 6.3-hectare Crystal Lagoon, South-East Asia’s first and largest recreational sea-water body
  • Multiple award-winning leader in health and fitness destinations – Canyon Ranch will be opening, 1st time in South-East Asia
  • 50 minute ferry ride from Singapore
  • 75 minute car ride from existing Kijang Airport, Bintan, Indonesia
  • 25 minute car ride from new International Airport in Bintan (scheduled to open by end 2016)
  • 1,700 resort room keys in Phase One


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