The Anindya Spa by Andaru

The latest addition to the spa facilities in Bintan, The Anindya Spa by Andaru presents an authentic Indonesian Spa experience with a variety of traditional Indonesian beauty treatments from various regions in Indonesia. The Anindya brings harmony and balance of the mind, body and spirit through holistic healing, through their special techniques in combination with the Indonesian Heritage formula.


There are 4 types of spa facilities within Nirwana Gardens. Anindya Resort Spa is located at Mayang Sari Beach Resort with 13 treatment rooms, Anindya Health Club at Nirwana Resort Centre has 22 cubicles for massage and 8 reflexology sofas. Additionally, Anindya Beach Spa at the beachfront of Nirwana Resort Hotel has 6 cabanas for massage, and there is Anindya In-Room Massage service.

Spa treatments

Adding to the authentic Indonesian Spa culture, Anindya Spa uses herbs and essential oils sourced from all over the Indonesian archipelago. Signature treatments offered include the Savitiri ‘Seven Flower’ Sense, Savitri Herbal Thermal Massage, Balinese Ritual Treatment, Borneo Energizing Treatment, Royal Javanese Ritual Treatment and Bintan Tropical Package. Anindya Spa also offers traditional massage treatments from Borneo, Bali and Java, aiming to provide guests with the best experience of Indonesian Spa culture.

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Anindya Spa Treatment Room (cropped) Anindya Spa Front Office 2 Anindya Spa Private Villa Treatment Room 3



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