Asmara Ria

Not many things can top a great day out on the multi-award winning Gary Player golf course, except perhaps the reward of a soothing massage to celebrate the game. Located within Ria Bintan Golf Club, Asmara Ria will transport you to a heightened realm of being, a realm defined by lightness, bliss and total relaxation.


Four dedicated treatment rooms (for body massages) sit amidst the restful sounds of gently gurgling water and revitalising aromas.

Spa treatments

Using ancient recipes which have their origins in Jamu and other Asian folk traditions, exquisite herbs, spices and oils from far-flung tropical archipelagos throughout the Spice Islands have been carefully selected and blended to revive, relax and pamper the senses.

After a tiring day on the golf course, enjoy the deep and instantly gratifying body massage delivered through firm thumbs and fingers. Or try the Asmara Foot Massage, which provides bliss via the reflex points on the soles of your feet.


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