Medical and Safety


Ensure you have proper travel and health insurance before venturing into any adventure trip on BintanIsland.


Come prepared for your trip in Bintan;

–          Ensure you are physically ready for the planned activity, such as the undulating/hilly terrain and tropical climate while on a cycling trip.

–          Carry two drink bottles with you at all times to stay well hydrated and protect yourself against the sun; e.g. sun block, sun glasses, long sleeves

–          Put on proper equipment meant for the activity such as a helmet and a bike in good condition. It will also help if you take along a basic equipment repair kits.

–          Print out the route map and emergency information from this website.

Medical facilities

Bintan medical capabilities may not be of the same standard as e.g. Singapore hospitals and medical centres. See below list of hospitals and clinics in Bintan that are marked on the cycling map.

If you are staying at Bintan Resorts, we recommend you use the Lagoi Tourism Clinic, as they have procedures for emergency evacuation to Singapore in place; +62 811 771 4546

Alternatively you could contact your hotel or the Bintan Resorts Crisis Centre; +62 770 691 010 or +62 770 691 911.

Hospitals in Bintan:



Name of Hospital


Contact No:


General Hospital Tg. Pinang Jl. Rumah Sakit +62 771 313000 ext: 1


NavyHospital Tg. Pinang Jl. Rumah Sakit +62 771  21428


ProvinceHospital Tg. Pinang Jl. Raya Pinang – Tg.   Uban Km 7 TPI +62 771 7335 201


BusungDistrictHospital Jl. Indun Suri,   Simpang Busung No:1 +62 771 82118

+62 771 482655

*** See the Bintan Cycling Map for location


Clinics in Bintan:



Name of Clinic (Puskesmas)


Contact No:


Clinic   Tourism Lagoi Jl. Kota   Kapur, Tlk Sebong, Lagoi, Bintan Utara +62 811 771 4546


Puskesmas Teluk Sebong Jl.   Raya, Tg. Uban Km 80, Kec. Tlk Sebong +62   811 704 7646


Puskesmas Tg. Uban Jl.   Imam Bonjol. Tg. Uban, Kec. Bintan Utara +62 771 81500


Puskesmas Teluk Sasah Jl.   Kp. Harapan, Kec. Seri Kuala Lobam +62 771 484203 /

+62 812 706 9884


Puskesmas Teluk Bintan Jl. Tok Sadek. No: 5, Ds. Tembeling. Kec. Teluk Bintan Not Available


Puskesmas Toa Paya Jl. Raya Tg. Uban Km 26. Kec. Toapaya +62 771- 26873


Puskesmas Kawal /Gunung Kijang Jl. Wisata Bahari Km 9.    Kec. Gunung Kijang Not Available


Puskesmas Kijang Jl. Barek Motor No:2, Kec. Bintan Timur +62 771-61118

*** See the Bintan Cycling Map for location

Medical Emergencies Procedure – Tourism Clinic at Bintan Resorts:

The doctor of the Tourism Clinic decides whether emergency evacuation is required to either a Bintan, Batam or Singapore hospital. The patient will be treated and stabilised prior to any evacuation.

Evacuation to a Bintan Hospital: An ambulance from the Tourism Clinic evacuates the patient to either BusungDistrictHospital or the GeneralHospital in Tanjung Pinang as decided by the medical officer.

Evacuation to a Batam Hospital: If the doctor feels that the patient should be evacuated to Rumah Sakit Awal Bros or any other hospital in Batam, then arrangements will be made for a speedboat. The speedboat sails from the Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal to Pelabuhan Telaga Punggur in Batam.

Evacuation to a Singapore Hospital: Depending on the injury, patients may be evacuated to Singapore via the next available BRF ferry or by speedboat if immediate evacuation is required or if it is outside the ferry operating hours. The speedboat sails from the Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (or Harbourfront Ferry Terminal if the evacuation takes place between 10pm and 8am). An ambulance will be waiting to take the patient to the nearest hospital.