Crystal Lagoon

Treasure Bay Bintan’s Crystal Lagoon is Asia’s first and largest recreational man-made saltwater lagoon. The 6.3-hectare lagoon – equivalent to 50 Olympic-size swimming pools – is also a haven for nature and water sport lovers offering a wide array of activities and entertainment.

Crystal Lagoon is the centrepiece of Treasure Bay Bintan, located only 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore, and is slated to open in September 2015.

Crystal Lagoon

Facts and figures about Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan

  • Largest lagoon in Southeast Asia at 6.3 hectares, equivalent to 50 Olympic-size swimming pools
  • First man-made seawater lagoon in Southeast Asia
  • 800 meters from one end to another
  • Up to 2.5 meters in depth
  • Eco-friendly technology: Uses approximately 100 times less chemicals than conventional swimming pools
  • Energy efficient: Consumes only two percent of the energy needed by conventional filtration pools
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly: The lagoon operates on a closed circuit that only needs to compensate for water loss caused by evaporation.


Water Activities and Sports by Wow Experience
A leading provider of outdoor recreational activities in Singapore, WOW Experience is the appointed water sports operator in Treasure Bay Bintan.
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Visitors of all ages can now choose from a myriad of exhilarating water sports and activities, including:

  • Inflatable Water Park: Spanning an area of 40 by 30 metres, the structure holds up to 40 people at one time and serves as an obstacle course for sporting events, corporate team buildings or just a place for everyone, including kids, to hang out, and soak up the sun.
  • Jetovator: One of the most exciting aerial water activities, the Jetovator is a water sports accessory that redirects water thrust to propel and elevate riders into mid-air.
  • Stand up paddle: Stand up paddling is a safe water activity suitable for families of all ages. Each board can hold two people at one time.
  • Water ZOVB: Experience the excitement of walking on water in an inflatable clear ball, an activity that is quickly gaining popularity in Asia.
  • Inflatable Kayaks: The AdvanceFrame® kayak is a hybrid of folding frame and inflatable kayaks, which seats a maximum of two people.
  • Aquaglide Sailboat: The Aquaglide Multi-Sport 270s inflatable sailboat converts easily from a windsurfer to a kayak and towable within minutes and is able to seat up to three people comfortably.
  • Water Tricycle: Great for children and adults, the water tricycle is the perfect water activity for families to explore the entire Crystal Lagoon leisurely.
  • Sea Scooter: Experience the thrill of surfing large waves in the Crystal Lagoon with the electric jet propelled body board that allows riders to easily manoeuvre and propel through the water.
Price List:
Activities Price
Inflatable Water Sports Park
1 Hour
110,00 IDR
Single – 30 mins / 1 hour
Double – 30 mins / 1 hour
200,ooo / 330,ooo IDR
270,000 / 400,ooo IDR
Water Bumper Boat
15 mins
160,000 IDR
Sea Scooter
30 mins
460,000 IDR
Stand Up Paddle
30 mins / 1 hour
240,000 / 370,ooo IDR
Aquaglide Sailboat
30 mins / 1 hour
460,oo0 / 725,000 IDR
Jetovator (With coaching)
30 mins / 1 hour
2,100,000 / 3,825,000 IDR
Water Tricycle
15 mins
160,000 IDR

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